La verdad sobre sushi

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Tsushiuna sushi is not as healthy as people think. When you eat to much of it, it can be dangerous. The reason for that is that it contains a lot of mercury. It doesn’t contain a lot of calories because it’s raw food. But the tuna fish that is served in restaurants, contain more mercury than the tuna you can find in the stores. 

What can happen to your body because of the mercury?

An overdose can cause sleeplessness, lack of coördination, muscle weakness, vomiting, hair loss, a high blood pressure and much more.

Also tuna is threatened with extinction, so it’s better to not buy tuna in the supermarket and eat other kind of fish 🙂


3 comentarios sobre “La verdad sobre sushi

    Blood type and Diet « achiote escribió:
    28 octubre, 2015 en 2:11 pm

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    Me gusta

    mamvcbg escribió:
    5 noviembre, 2015 en 1:18 pm

    It is incredible what can harm us sushi without knowing anything, we live really deceived.

    Me gusta

      erasmusupv1 respondido:
      10 noviembre, 2015 en 10:26 pm

      Yes, that’s true! It’s important to be aware of what products can contain. And to make as much as possible meals with fresh vegetables and fresh food! 🙂

      Me gusta


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