The History of Döner Kebab

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Even Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany, loves kebab!

Döner kebab is no longer the new boy in class. It has become a world-famous meal almost on the same level as burger and pizza. You can find a kebabshop in every street corner of high-populated cities and it has become so popular that some countries even have a national championship for the best prepared Döner kebab. But how, where and when was this delicious meal invented?

‘Ancient’ kebab

We have to go all the way back to the 19th century, 1853 to be exact. A family in Bursa, the western part of Turkey, changes the way they are preparing their meat. Instead of just grilling the meat like traditionally way they decided to put the meat on skewers to keep the juice inside the meat. However the döner kebab as we know it nowadays was invented in Berlin by a Turkish immigrant in 1971. He got the idea to put the meat in a flat bread (pita) together with lettuce, so the meal would be easy for people to carry with them while wandering. This became a success for all the Berliners who wanted to have a quick and easy meal on the go. Also today it is still a very popular meal before and/or after a night out for example.


Ekstra facts:
Döner is the Turkish word for “turning itself” and kebab means “grilled meat”.
Shawarma and döner kebab is the same thing

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    Who can resist a good looking kebab?

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