To drink or not to drink milk? – Does it make your bones stronger?

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According to a new study made in the University of Auckland and published in the British Medical Journal calcium-rich foods don’t make your bones stronger. At least not when you are over 50 years old. This means that drinking milk doesn’t make any difference for your bones and according to the study it can even be harmful for you. The extra calcium can build up in the arteries or kidneys and cause heart diseases.

This is basically the controversial what we have always been told, that calcium supplements and food rich of calcium are good for you. Another study led by Swedish researcher found that a great consumption of milk can lead people to have more bone fractures and they were more likely to die within a certain period compared the people who didn’t drink that much milk. Although when drinking milk doesn’t do good to your bones, eating fermented dairy products like yogurt and cheese can lower the risk of bone fractures and premature death.

So what is a conclusion of this? Eat more cheese!images

If you want to read the whole study, click here.



Un comentario sobre “To drink or not to drink milk? – Does it make your bones stronger?

    Maria Rosa escribió:
    26 octubre, 2015 en 2:11 pm

    Wow! This information is so interesting. I stopped drinking milk one year ago because my dermatologist told me that it will be good for my acne problems. However, I don’t know if I made the right choice. She told me also to avoid other milk products such as cheese, ice-cream or yogurts but I stii eat them… I think it is not good to give up totally on milk products. Well, Nice post. Bye!

    Me gusta


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