Blood type and Diet

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Have you ever considered that your blood type might be the reason for you gaining weight?

The Japanese have been studying the correlation between blood type and various causes for more than 80 years, among these how your diet should depend on your blood type.

In 1997 Dr. Peter D’Adamo released a book, which exactly deals with this theory. The book is called “Eat Right 4 Your Type” and has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide.

The “Blood Type Diet” theory proposes the following diet for each blood type (though this is just an extract of the actual diet recommendation):

Blood type A, “The Farmer”: People with blood type A originated from agricultural tribes. Therefore they are recommended to eat vehetables, fruits, legumes and fish. They should omit meat, wheat and dairy.

Blood type B, “The Hunter”: This type can eat all kinds of meat except chicken and pork. They should stay away from olives, wheat, tomatoes and corn.

Blood type AB, “The Humanist”: This type is a mix of A and B. Therefore a good diet for them would include various meat, seafood, dairy, grains and fruits. But as the type Bs they should limit the consumption of wheat, chicken and corn among other things as well.

Blood type 0, “The Waarior”: Should eat a protein dense diet. This means lean meat, poultry, frish and fresh fruits and vegetables. They should avoid foods such as grains, beans, legumes and dairy products.

Below is a video by one of the . Watch the video and decide for your self.

If you are more interested in the diet, take a look at Dr. D’Adamo‘s page, but remember to take precautions.

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