Delicious countries.

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It’s safe to say how much of a pleasurable experience food can be, which is what artists Caitlin Levis and Hargreaves seem to believe. Inspired by their travels, they decided to turn their hobbies into a stunning pice of culinary cartography.

In past interviews, they’ve both mentioned the power of food to bring people closer, often serving as a conversation topic which all seem to adore.

It’s interesting to see, for example, how the United States are represented as a land of snacks, whereas France appears to be the country of cheese and warm, fluffy baguettes! Also, how good do those fresh, juicy Italian tomatoes look? And those Japanese seaweeds? Epic!

Personally, I can declare myself as a lover of all things spicy and aromatic, so were I to choose, I  believe I’d so go for a country like India, where spices and herbs seem to be such a important part of the population’s diet.

And you? Which country would you choose?




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