Foie gras: Ethical considerations

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Foie gras is an old traditional delicacy from the French cuisine. Directly translated foie gras means “fatty liver” and is the liver of either a goose or a duck.

Foiegras_560pxThe picture shows a normal duck liver (right) versus a foie gras liver (left). It is obvious that there is a big difference on these to livers. The difference occurs in the way the birds are fed. To obtain the fatty liver the ducks and geese are force-fed. A tube is forced down their stomach through the gullet of the bird. Fortunately there are farmers who use a more organic and humane production method.

This video shows how foie gras is obtained by the force-feeding of ducks/geese. Warning against strong pictures.

The video is made by PETA, an American animal rights organization.



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