Tipos de cafés en España

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blog9There is so many different types of coffee that you can order in Spain. Something that you cannot find for example in Finland or lets say in Thailand. And that is nice. Coffee culture in Spain is quite different to all those take-away countries. Here people prefer to sit down with their coffee and enjoy the company of friends, family or maybe a good book. And the best thing is, you can find a little café in every corner.

Café Solo: Similar to espresso.

Café Cortado: Coffee with less milk than regular café con leche and smaller than that.

Café con Leche: Normal coffee with milk.

Café Bombón: Small cup of coffee with condensate milk.

Café con Hielo: Coffee with ice. Keeps you cool during the summer.

Café Carajillo: Coffee with a splash of brandy. When it is done right, the brandy is heated with coffee beans and lemon piel.

Café Belmonte: Coffee bonbon with touch of brandy.

Leche Manchada: Warm milk with hint of strong coffee. For those who don’t like coffee or can’t deal with caffeine.

Leche y leche: Coffee with milk and condensate milk.

Descafeinado: Coffee without caffeine.



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