5 easy advise to avoid food waste

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In continuation of our post ¡NO MORE FOOD WASTE! last this week – here are a few easy advices for you to contribute to the reduction of food waste.

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  1. Buy just what you need
    Too many people buy way too much food, which results in that a lot of it will end the garbage can. Thus buy just the amount you need and do not be tempted of special offers, cause you will end up throwing half of it away.
  1. Use the leftovers
    Cook just the amount of food you can eat. But if you end up cooking too much after all, then do not throw it out. Put it in the freezer or bring it as lunch for the next day at school or work.
  1. Do not be too strict about date
    The date on the packaging is often just a guide. Therefore make sure that the product is actually bad or too old before throwing it to the garbage. Evaluate the product by its appearance and smell.
  1. Plan your grocery shopping
    Do not buy your groceries when you are hungry. You will end up buying tons of food that you do not need.
  1. Store your food correctly
    This is both considering the optimal temperatures, but just as well how you place your groceries in your refrigerator and freezer. Make sure that all your products are visible (more or less). This will prevent you from forgetting what products you already have – thus you will avoid buying it once again and it will remind you to use it before it gets bad.

As a bonus this will also save you some money 🙂



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