Personas delgadas con grasa abdominal PEOR QUE la obesidad!!

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Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that people with fat around waste, have a bigger chance on healthyproblems than people with obesity. It’s not because people are for example thin and have a low BMI that they can not have a higher change on diseases than obesitas people for example. 


A healthy BMI is around 18.5 to 24.9. Above 25 they speak about overweight, more than 30 is obesity.


This is because fat around waste can affects tissues and it can lead to unwanted processes and damage of tissues.

Studies showed that people with a normal/healthy BMI but with fat around there waste will be earlier death than people for example with obesity which have no fat around their waste. But people with obesity are a risk group because they have in general more change on heartdiseases etc. But this study shows that BMI is an imperfected measurement to relate weight to health. You have to take into account the location of the fat. THAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TO GIVE A CONCLUSION.


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