Why alcohol and cigarettes go hand in hand?

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Why so many people smoke when they drink and then call themselves just party-smokers? Is there some relation between these two stimulants?

Recent study made by researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine found out that cigarettes helps you stay up longer when consuming alcohol. Cigarettes cancel out the tiring effect of alcohol. The director of the study, Mahesh Thakkar, has made more studies about the subject where they found that nicotine acts via basal forebrain and its effects to brain’s pleasure centre makes us consume more alcohol.

Studies concluded that having cigarettes when drinking keeps you up longer because they suppress the sleep-inducing effects of alcohol. Now when we know this connection between cigarettes and alcohol, it might be easier to try to effect to consumption of those. Thakkar says that when people smokes, they are also more likely to use more alcohol and vice-versa.


Then couple facts:

  • WHO states that more than 7 million deaths each year are linked to use of alcohol and nicotine.
  • Research shows that in US more than 85 percent of adults who are dependent on alcohol are also smokers.




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