It’s time to Thanksgiving!

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Did you know that the first Thanksgiving lasted for three days? And that New York in 1817 became the first of several states to make Thanksgiving to an annual holiday. Or that the day of celebration has been moved several times?

Back 18th century all of the states didn’t celebrated Thanksgiving on the same day. Abraham Lincoln scheduled Thanksgiving for the final Thursday in November but when Franklin D. Roosevelt became a president, he moved the holiday up a week. Why? He wanted to boost sales during the Great Depression. Americans didn’t like this change and just two years later the day was changed to its original place, the fourth Thursday in November.

Nowadays Thanksgiving for many Americans is bigger holiday than Christmas and Wednesday before and Sunday after the holiday are two the most overcrowding days in traffic. It’s a day when family and friends gather together and spend time with each other.

And of course not forgetting the turkey, that is a symbol of that day!


Happy Thanksgiving!



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