No Christmas without cookies

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Soon it is December and Christmas begins. In Denmark this means cookies. Following is a few links for recipes for traditional cookies eaten during the Christmas month in Denmark. All the recipes are from

Jødekager (“jewish cookies”)


Klejner (fried pastry)




Vaniljekranse (Danish butter cookies)



Æbleskiver (Pancake balls).

This is not really a cookie, but in Denmark there will be no Christmas without æbleskiver.



Common to all these cookies are that they are only eaten when it is December more or less.


4 comentarios sobre “No Christmas without cookies

    Louise Dam escribió:
    28 noviembre, 2015 en 3:29 pm

    Hello, I can see that you have linked to some of my recipes. Thank you for that. However, there are copyright on my pictures, so you can’t just use them on your blog. So please remove them from your post. If you still wan’t to use the pictures you can pay me 100 euro for each image. Then you can use it on your site.

    /Louise Dam, Denmark.

    Me gusta

      erasmusupv1 respondido:
      30 noviembre, 2015 en 6:05 pm

      Hi Louise,

      I am so sorry I was not aware of that. The pictures are now removed.
      This blog is for a school project. I hope it is okay to keep the links to your blog regarding the recipes. If not, please tell me, and these will be removed as well.


      Me gusta

        Louise Dam escribió:
        30 noviembre, 2015 en 6:14 pm

        Of course it is all right. Lots of people are not aware of the rules of copyright, so it’s not just you 🙂

        Me gusta

    Finnish christmas pastries « achiote escribió:
    3 diciembre, 2015 en 11:43 am

    […] it’s December and Christmas time!! We have covered Danish Christmas pastries in the form of cookies earlier so now it is time to see what is up in Finland. There are some […]

    Me gusta


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