Foods that increase the condition of your hair

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Food has a straight connection to our health and this way also to our hair. Our hair is the last place where the nutrients that we eat go, and that’s why wrong kinds of eating habits can be easily seen form our hair.

So most importantly you need to make sure that you get enough proteins from your diet. Our hair is mostly built from proteins and diets that don’t contain proteins can make your hair drier, thinner and weak structured. Also iron, vitamin C, Omega 3 fat acids, vitamin A, zinc and selenium, vitamin E and biotin will help you increase a quality of your hair.

What kinds of foods you should eat when you are having these hair types:

Dry hair

Eat: Good oils and fats, enough vitamin D and drink lot of water

Don’t eat: Coffee, ready-made-foods and salt


Greasy hair

Eat: Vegetables, fruits and berries, low-fat fish, chicken and turkey.

Don’t eat: Fast food


Thin hair

Eat: Eggs, fish, integral bread and pasta and rice, almonds and nuts

Don’t’ eat: White flour and sugar





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