Mandarin or Clementine?

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The supermarkets a full of orange citrus fruit these days. But are they mandarins, clementines or something else?

A Clementine is a mandarin, but a mandarin is not a clementine.

In general the peel on the clementine is thin and clementines are barely without any seeds.

On the other hand mandarins have a thicker peel and often many seeds.

In fact a clementine is just a sort of mandarin, so I guess the easy way is just to call them all mandarins.

One thing is sure – they both contain a high amount of vitamin C.

If any of you out there are citrus fruit experts – please enlighten me!


Un comentario sobre “Mandarin or Clementine?

    mamvcbg escribió:
    30 noviembre, 2015 en 1:52 pm

    Really, I did not know the difference between these two fruits

    Me gusta


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