The science of taste

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How do we taste? This is a topic that we covered in one of our practicas too. Our tongue has five different areas that are able to taste different kinds of taste: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Here is short video that tells us more about science of taste and how much our ability of smell will affect to how we taste for example.

Why do we taste these five basic flavors? Sweet and umami tells us that food contains enough nutrients when sour and salty are important because of their importance of changing body’s pH and fluid balance. Bitter tastes act like warnings when bitter tastes usually refers to that food is poison and they cause spitting reaction.


Even though this map of taste is familiar to all of us, it has been shown that even though these areas are said to taste just those flavors, the receptors for all flavors are distributed to all over our tongue.



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    I like a lot that article

    Me gusta


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