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Humans have fives senses: touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste.

We use our senses to understand the world. They give us information about our surroundings – gives us impressions and experiences and therefore we use them to make a particular perception of things with the basis in what we have previously experienced.

If you were served the food in the picture at the top, what would you expect?

Most probably you would expect the taste of an egg – a fried egg. But in reality this is a picture of a desert where yolk of the egg is a halved peach.


Of course the taste and smell is highly important, but the visual is almost just as important. We eat with our eyes one once said.

Look at these two pictures. Imagine that these two are the same dish, have the same taste and the same smell. Which one would you prefer to eat?

The left one right?

Even though the taste would in fact be the same, the plate that is more nicely presented would probably taste better just because it looks more delicious. Dining is not just about taste –It is the whole experience and all senses should be stimulated!



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