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I think we all agree that our current diets might not be perfect. All that fast-food, GMO’s, pre-packaged meals, detrimental high-protein low-carb diets… is certainly doing the world no good, as it does nothing but promote obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and a vast array of ailments which would be easy to avoid were we to switch to more balanced, unprocessed diets rich in wholefoods and plants.

However, we have to admit that our food has evolved to be not quite as gross as the stuff which our ancestors used to eat. Roasted hedgehogs? Beaver’s tails? Garum (aka a sauce made of putrid fish)? Aren’t you mate feeling lucky you were born in this century?

Check out this cool infographic by the folks over at My Family Silver to see what people used to eat before the rise of food-technology. Will you be able to make it through without gagging? (hint: I didn’t)



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