8 Things you probably didn’t know about Marshmallows

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Marshmallows, the darling basis of the near-choke game Chubby Bunny and the only thinkable snack of forest storytelling, are strange.

Their spongy consistency and alien-like, modernist take on confectionary art make it a unique munchie that you can use for hot cocoa, fruit dip, or sweet potatoes. But there’re some things about marshmallows you may not know.

1. Ancient Civilizations Used Marshmallow Root To Treat Everything From Toothaches to Coughs, To Sore Throats

2. Astronauts Used Marshmallows As Nose Plugs

3. Marshmallows Were Considered A Delicacy Reserved For Nobility, Pharaohs, And Gods

4. Marshmallows, As You Know Them Today, Were Created In France And Perfected In Illinois

5. Althaiophobia Is The Legitimate Fear Of Marshmallows

6. There’s A National Toasted Marshmallow Day

7. The Largest S’more Ever Made Weighed 267 Pounds

8. Just Born Makes Enough Peeps Each Year To Circle The Earth Twice

If you want to know more: Explanation of marshmallows uses.





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